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On our previous trips, Jan would willingly wear her Vegas outfits, and strut her stuff for me, denying any knowledge of or caring about attention from others. As we walked towards her favorite slot machine, I pondered how things would likely be different this time, and I decided we needed to talk about the limits, if any, we would agree upon so there would be no risk, or at least less risk, that Jan's potential adventures could negatively affect our marriage.

I am so proud of her, and I realized I had been the catalyst for Jan dropping the pretense she had maintained for so many years.

Jan finished her martini and we walked out, her ahead of me, which gave me a great perspective of her head turning performance.

Our favorite casino is the smallest (though still huge) and classiest one on the new strip. It happens to be Jan's all time, hands down, favorite place to be.

She had a goal to firm up her body, lose weight, and look her best.

At age 58, she can be very self critical in private and I sensed she was striving for an unattainable goal: to look like she did at 40.

Walking through the casino I could tell it wasn't a crowded week, no fights or big shows to draw people in, but there was still a good vibe.

It looked like her teats might fall out at any moment, which of course kept her audience's rapt attention.

For those of you who have learned about Jan through these stories, I want you to know this place truly is magic for her, and thus for me and our marriage.

The bright lights and sounds of the place, the pulsating vibe, plus the extraordinarily interesting people watching, all conspire to excite Jan in ways unique to that city, and to this place.

"As a matter of fact," she added, "I will go to the room and change, come back here, and let's go gamble. I will text you when I am on my down." Off she went, and I noticed I wasn't the only one watching her ass work its way through the crowd out of the sports bar.

When Jan returned I was surprised to see she was wearing the same skirt she wore at the beach, the night she fucked the young stud.

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